The seriousness of proper summer TOE maintenance

Girls, if you can’t afford to get a pedicure, which is totally understandable in these tough economic times, then you can always do it yourself. I am by no means a professional, but I tend to do my toes quite often and have gotten compliments on them.

Step 1 – remove all traces of old polish, Sally Hansen nail polish removers work pretty good and they are cheap.

Step 2 – take nail clippers (not scissors) and remove all dead skin in and around all toes.

Step 3 – take the other part of the nail clippers (not sure what it’s called) and remove all grossness from under the toes.

Step 4 – cut/file the nails to your liking.

Step 5 – apply a moisturizer of some sort to the toes. Sally Hansen makes this cuticle and nail oil that I love. It say’s to remove it after letting it sit for a while, but I never do.

Step 6 – VERY IMPORTANT – apply a base coat before the polish. This will stop the nail from going yellow. Revlon has a two in one base/top coat which is really good.

Step 7 – apply polish – three coats for your big toes and two coats for all other toes. Then apply the top coat.

I know it seems like a lot, but if you’re just sitting around watching TV, you might as well get prepped for open toed shoes. Besides, I hear there are a lot of men out there with foot fetishes…and we can’t discount anyone for their weirdness’, cause everybody is weird.

Single Gals


  1. Also affordable is the Revlon pedicure set to get rid of all that dead skin on your heels. Cost is only 12.95CAD and in my opinion it’s a must for all the ladies!

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