The day after the patio

What starts out as a nice girlie get together to chat about the week’s events and dating disasters turns into a big ole drunken pity fest. This leaves you sun-burnt, inebriated and stumbling home in your heels.

It is the morning after, your head feels like it is stuck in a vice grip, your stomach feels like you’ve just taken a ride on the Tilt A Whirl and you’re pretty sure you’ve lost your heel on the way home.

Here are 3 Single Gal tips to get you through the morning after:

1) ADVIL … really the only thing that is going to help with the pounding head at this point is Extra Strength Advil…take two. Preferably try and take them the night before the morning after.

2) GREASY BREAKFAST…Yes this actually helps the hangover so go ahead and fry up some eggs, bacon and home fries. Or better yet, go out to your local greasy spoon!

3) WATER… Lots n’ lots of water, you must re-hydrate your body. Dissolving a 1000mg vitamin C tablet in your water also works wonders!

In regards to that shoe you lost, well girlfriend here is your excuse to go shoe shopping. TO THE MALL!!!!!

Single Gals

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