Today’s world of dating hasn’t really changed much since grade 7

Remember in grade 7 when you dated that guy for a week, hardly ever saw him, communicated to him through your friends and over the phone and then broke up with him either through your friends or over the phone? Well, even though I’m now in my 30’s, I’m starting to feel as though not much has changed with all this Facebook and text messaging shit. As my good friend said “It’s as though we’ve reverted back to adolescence via technology”. Unfortunately it’s actually “pre-adolescence”, which makes this recent observation even more shiteous.

Getting to know someone over text totally sucks and getting the “I’m not that into you” over Facebook sucks even more. What happened to people having some balls and actually having a face to face conversation…or even a voice to voice conversation? An acquaintance once gave this 37 year old Police Officer my number and we didn’t talk on the phone until after a week of texting. I had even asked when we were going to actually talk and his response was “Oh we’re not ready for that step yet…lol”. Oh really? What I should have texted back was “Lol…fuck off”. I never did meet up with him because I was so turned off the whole thing.

Let’s face it ladies, the art of verbal conversation is truly disappearing (as per the text message below…but at least the guy who wrote that text has some balls).

Technology seems to have created a man that can’t approach us (unless they’re drunk), can’t call us (why would they if they can text or poke you on Facebook?), can’t date us for more than 2 months (cause obviously after 2 months we want to get married and have babies) all of which leads to them never truly getting to know us as people but rather they get to know us as exclamation marks, LOL’s, TTYL’s and colon turned smiley faces. I am seriously starting to feel like one of those pre-teen girls, “hee, hee, hee, did he text, did he text?”. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that we’ll be going back to jelly shoes and bedazzled jean jackets. I think this video say’s it all

Single Gals

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