Archie’s an idiot…or is he?

So Archie finally picked Veronica…WTF? you ask. Actually, we here at Single Gals completely understand this selection. Veronica is hot, rich, bossy and so much better than Archie. She’s also probably just as good in bed, if not better, than Betty, likes making “home movies” and probably doesn’t give a fuck about recycling or cooking. Betty is just too nice and always liked Archie more than he liked her. I think the moral of this story is, nice girls finish last and never like a guy more than he likes you.

I’ve attempted to be the nice girl in two recent relationships and got dumped, so I’m going back to my old ways of being a bitch…it worked for me when I was 22 and guys seemed to stick around a lot longer, even after I had broken their hearts. I thought I would start 2009 by being nice, having a positive attitude and putting together a vision board to create great karma around me that would eventually lead to great things. Unfortunately, here we are 6 months in and all this year has done is proven that “the Secret” is a load of crap. I no longer believe in karma and being optimistic all the time is really exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be evil or nasty, I just don’t want to give a crap, over think things and instead of constantly thinking about the future and what I want out of it, just live day to day and see where things go. You’d think after 70 years of being nice and getting dumped on, Betty would have figured this out too. So in essence, she had what was coming to her. I think she should turn things around, screw over Midge and date Moose…I always thought he was a hottie but then again I tend to like dumb guys with good bods.


In response to the above…

Betty will prevail……

I agree with Single Chick that Archie is an idiot, but on the other hand I think that karma will bite Archie in the ass. Betty will be fine. She will get over her broken heart after bouts of crying, retail therapy and over eating. She will realize that she only liked Archie because he was unattainable, unwilling to commit and just not into her, the same reasons Archie likes Veronica.

Betty probably will end up with Moose, the big lovable lug who will adore her to the end. Archie will spend his whole life trying to live up to Veronica’s expectations and never quite make the cut. He will probably hit the bottle, gain 50 pounds and end up in a bachelor apartment eating fast food all because Veronica divorced his sorry ass and took him for everything he has.

So the lesson here is maybe without knowing it, the nice girl does win in the end, it just takes longer to see the fruits of our labour. However ladies never chase a man…that is where sweet Betty went wrong because they should be chasing us!!!

Single Gals


  1. I agree! Veronica is totally gonna dump archie, or the other way around when he finds her screwing their pool boy! Betty is way better off without him and plus I think Moose is way cuter anyway! Maybe you should do a comic book "Yummo!" Hahaha

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