Expect Drunk Text Soon

While you were out on the patio having your drunken pity fest you got the bright idea to text HIM (the Ex or the current crush).

Now some drunk texting is harmless especially if you just want to reach out. Chances are they’re just random thoughts that make no sense and the receiver knows that you’re drunk and will find you silly or endearing and no damage has been done. The danger comes when we have an unresolved issue in the relationship. We get to talking to the girls (who are also inebriated), everyone gets their backs up and supports your crazy thoughts and this fuels the need to voice your drunken opinion to him via text. It would be nice if we had a stop switch or a designated gal pal who would be in charge for the evening to switch us off the moment we go for our cell phones…only in a perfect world.

Once you let the drunken beast take control and there is no turning back, what do you do? I guess it depends on the damage that you have done. Usually an apology works nicely and maybe a talk about your issues in a sober sane manner. If you send a drunk text to a new dude that you like, you just got to hope that he has seen enough of the sane person and knows you are not totally crazy. How do you stop future happenings?

1) The most obvious solution is to leave your cell at home…I mean really do you need it with you at all times? I know there is the odd chance you might, but 95% of the time we do not and it just gets us into trouble. We survived without it in the past.
2) If you need to take it with you, then keep it turned off. Chances are when you decide you need to send that text or make that call, you will be too drunk to turn your damn phone on and will just get frustrated and forget what is was your drunken ass wanted to do.
3) If all else fails and you are still sending drunken text messages on a regular basis, than it’s time to get off the bottle.

So ladies the next time you go out with the girls try and remember these tips and you will be fine and the drunk text disaster will be avoided.Now go have a drink and enjoy yourself…

Single Gals

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