Where does a girl go to meet men?

Dear Single Gals,

Where does a girl go to meet men when she does not want to hang out at the bar ?


Dear Searching,

This is a very good question and we here at Single Gals are still trying to figure that one out. They (whomever they are, obviously not Single Gals) say that we should take up a hobby or interest to meet people. For example, the gym…but really, I love my gym and what if it does not work out with the cutie you meet on the treadmill and then you’re too embarrassed to go back? I really don’t think the gym is the best idea, but then again you never know until you try. I’ve also heard the grocery store…really? Who looks their best while shopping for melons, certainly not this Single Gal, but hey what harm could it do to smile at the hottie in line. So in short I guess it comes down to being a little daring, expanding you interests and getting out of your comfort zone! You never really know when, where or how you are going to meet Mr. Right but the more that you’re out there the better your chances.

Good Luck in your search, and if you happen to stumble across a great place to meet men please let us Single Gals know.

Single Gals

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