Why do men suck?

Dear Single Gals,

Why do men suck?


Dear Frustrated,

We at Single Gals think that men suck for the following reasons:

1) They are not fully evolved

2) They have smaller brains than us

3) They carry way more testosterone than females and even though there is no medical proof to this, I think testosterone makes you stupid!!!

On that note, don’t get discouraged there are some really great guys out there…just have a look at our “Are You a Yummo” page and meet Joe.

Remember you’re the apple at the top of the tree and only the man willing to make the climb is worthy of you!!

Single Gals


  1. Hey Girl,

    It’s because they’re doing everything wrong. You got it, you are the apple at the top and we need to work for it. The right guy will. Hope this helps: http://iamchasehartley.com/2012/04/17/be-the-perfect-man-3-2/

    Much Love,


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