Jane’s Story

Ok, this is a funny story and I’m positive the friend this happened too will eventually find it funny as well. This story is so funny because it is so ridiculous, I can’t even believe it happened. So my friend, we’ll call her “Jane”, meets this guy at a bar. He comes up to her and then pursues her. She then starts dating this guy, a 35 year old fire fighter, we’ll call him “Coward”.

After 5 months of dating and everything going really well, Jane ends up getting laid off from her job. With her time off she decides to go visit a friend in Ottawa. She goes to Ottawa and can’t get a hold of Coward. She gets a little anxious about it. On her drive back home, he finally calls her and says his phone has been screwed up and he had been trying to reach her. She pops by his house and everything is great and back to normal. Then she doesn’t hear from him for a week. Nothing. No calls. No texts. She gets worried and goes to his house, he is a fire fighter after all, what if something has happened?

She pulls up and knocks on his door. She can hear the TV going and is knocking “Coward, I can hear the TV, I know you’re here”. After a couple minutes of this she thinks “well, I can take the hint” and walks to her car. As she gets in her car, she sees movement in the kitchen; someone has put a tea towel over the coffee maker to dull the light. Jane goes to the window of the kitchen and there is this 6’5 man standing in the dark with his back turned to the window. “Coward, I can see you”, Jane yells through the glass, “come out here and talk to me, tell me what’s going on”. Nothing. He proceeds to stand there, totally still, with his back turned to her for 15 minutes while she chain smokes 2 cigarettes and blows smoke at the window. Jane then leaves and never hears from him again.

Now, WTF is this about? A 35 year old man, who saves lives for a living, doesn’t even have the decency and courage to face the girl he’s been dating for 5 months and tell her he’s no longer interested? I know the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” say’s guys would rather chew their arm off than tell a girl they’re not into them, but seriously? I honestly have no answers for this. All I know is that this story is really fucked up and so are some dudes.

Hey Single Chick,

Here is a possible explanation for such behaviour. Somehow during that same week he had wished upon a star that he was 5 again so he could ride his big wheel, and pick his nose in public. Then when Jane went out to visit him, where he resides in his parents basement, the 5 year old that he now is did not know what to do…I mean a grown woman wants to have an adult conversation?? What’s a boy to do? Oh I know, he hid in the kitchen with his back turned to the window, I guess he thinks that if he can’t see you, you can’t see him. Silly boys, don’t ya know that real women are for real MEN!

Also, I believe that if he told his buddies this story, they would mock him behind his back. They may laugh along with him to his face because of male machismo and all but they know he behaved like an ass and are secretly pissed because he is making them all look bad.

Hey we should thank these guys they give us fodder to write about. Chin up ladies there are still some good ones out there..somewhere…I know it. Right?

Single Gals

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