A Love Story..

Ok, this may not be as shocking as “Jane’s story”, but we here at Single Gals don’t want you to get the wrong idea about us. We’re not man hating bitches or anything! We’re actually quite optimistic about looooovvvvvveeeeee and believe that once we’ve sifted through all the crap, we will finally get to the goods!

A friend of mine, we’ll call her “Beth”, recently moved to England. She was in a relationship prior to the move with a guy we’ll call “Douche”. Even though Douche told her he did not love her, he still really wanted to make the long distance thing work. What the hell? you ask. That reminds me of this time when I was dating this guy and after a month he told me he wanted to see other people on the side and not to worry, he’ll “use a dome”. I wonder what charm school these guys went too? Because I don’t think even Brett Michaels would say something like that.

After months of continuing the long distance relationship, Beth eventually ended it and went to her local British pub to drown her sorrows. That very night, she meets a guy from Macedonia, we’ll call him “Don Juan”, who is on a very bad first date. They exchange numbers and go on a date.

Now Beth didn’t even want to give Don Juan 3 dates, but he was very persistent and she decided to finally give in. Now Beth is not your typical girly, girl, but she does admit to being totally mushy in love, by way of example; “Single Chick, he just sent me a text saying how he misses me and can’t wait to hold me in his arms, five months ago I would have barfed at that”. She say’s she’s never felt like this and that the feeling is totally mutual. They’ve even talked about him coming back to Toronto with her. Now that is a nice story and happened when least expected or even wanted.

Girls…the moral of this story is always go on a third date, try not to barf and when it’s right, it’s just right no matter what the time!

Single Chick

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