Dog Lovin Dude Fest

Hey Ladies,

For all you dog lovers out there, or “dog geeks” as my good friend likes to call me, this event may be a good place to meet a fellow dog lover or geek. If you live in Toronto, you may want to check out Woofstock – the largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of North America.
So ladies put on the Lulu Lemon, grab Fido or if you don’t have a dog borrow one, and head on down to the St. Lawrence Market on Sat June 13 – Sun June 14. Okay maybe you won’t meet the big buff god of your dreams with a boxer (or is that just my fantasy?), but you will have a lot of fun.

There is the Mr. & Mrs Canine pageant, Woofstock Fashion show and the Stupid Dog trick contest. Seriously is there a better way to spend a weekend?

Single Gals

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