Feminine Deodorant Spray?

Ladies have you noticed all the ads for feminine hygiene products. We have a special soap for down there, cleansing cloths and now deodorant. Really is there a need for all these products. I do not think that I smell and really hate that there are companies out there selling such products and adding to our already long list of things that we women stress about. Cellulite, weight gain, varicose veins, and now we have to worry about Vaginal stink? Seriously we all know if it stinks down there we need to see a Doctor ASAP. Isn’t showering enough to give you a fresh feeling, do we really need to spray our piss flaps? I don’t see advertising out there for men to clean their balls with special soap, or to carry around ball wipes so they can feel fresh all day, and they should have such things because sweaty balls stink!!

Ladies save your money, or go grab a latte instead.


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