Crabs Anyone?

Crabs (pubic Lice) – Is a sexually transmitted disease in which pubic lice infest the genital area of males and females, creating an itching sensation. Sometimes the pubic lice can be seen crawling in the pubic area. YUCK!

The following is a conversation that I had with my ex let’s call him “Fucked in the head” one evening after I got home from the gym.

Single Gal – “Hey how was your day?”
Interpretation – “Did you send out any resumes today, or just play video games?”

F’D in the head – “Do you use the bathroom at the gym?”
Interpretation – “I’m Fucked in the head”

Single Gal – “Sure if the need arises, in fact I’ve used facilities all over the city. Why?”
Interpretation-“You are seriously Fucked in the head”

F’D in the head – “Do you think you got crabs from the toilet seat?”
Interpretation-“My balls are itchy it must be crabs”

Single Gal – “No, because I do not have crabs!!”
Interpretation-“My God he is insane!”

F’D in the head –“Are you sure?”
Interpretation-“My Balls are itchy, what else could it be?”

Single Gal – “Do you see me scratching my puss? Do you know what crabs are? They are pubic lice! If you have them you did not get them from me!
Interpretation-“Get the hell out of my house you are Fucked in the head”

F’D in the head
–“My balls are itchy”

Single Gal – “Then shower”

F’D in the head –“Well I do have a scratch on my balls maybe that is why they are itching?”

Single Gal – “Maybe you should shower more often then you would not scratch so hard down there.”
Interpretation – “Jackass”

F’D in the head – “Why are you mad? It’s not like I accused you of cheating?”
Interpretation – “What’s her problem? It’s totally reasonable to accuse her of giving me crabs”

Single Gal – “You’re Fucked in the head!”

I will say now that this incident makes me laugh, for 2 reasons.

1) It’s so obscure and insane that you have to laugh

2) I think this may be him???

If only they had Ball deodorant and this conversation would not have happened. I think Speedstick should get on that.

Single Gal

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