Twitter is for Twits…

Single Chick recently googled Twitter because someone had suggested that it may be a good tool for us to promote our website. She sent me the link with the message “Twitter is ridiculous!” I watched the promo video & I agree…Ridiculous!

Insert Video link

Seriously people, do we need to know that Bob in Halifax is scratching his balls or that Jane in Chicago is bloated? Are we so afraid to be out there living life that we’d rather be glued to our monitors reading about other peoples mundane activities? A few months back I was at a coffee shop with a friend having a conversation (This is a spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings) when we noticed this couple sitting across from each other both typing away on their laptops, no talking just typing. They were probably talking dirty to each other via MSN. Is this the future of foreplay? I certainly hope not. Twitter is just another way to kill verbal communication. Unless Wentworth Miller

is Tweeting that he is on his way over to my apartment with a six pack and a pizza I could care less what people are doing. GO LIVE LIFE. IT IS AN AWESOME ADVENTURE!

Single Gal


  1. I agree! Twitter is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of…Twitter is for Twits!

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