There are some things a girl just does not need to know…

I am referring to this new trend of having the nutrition info listed on menus. I was recently reading my Clean Eating magazine when I came across an article talking about how they started listing the calories ranges at some NYC restaurants. While we here at Single Gals love to indulge in the occasional plate of poutine, nachos and beer, we also try to lead healthy fit lives. We workout on a regular basis, our activities of choice being hot yoga, classes, running and weights. So if once or twice a month we want to go out for dinner, do we really need to know that we’ve just eaten a whole days worth of calories in one meal? I have no problem with this information being available upon request, because if a person eats something on a regular basis such as Big Mac’s, Iced Caps, etc than they may want to educate themselves as to what they’re putting in their body. However, having this info on the actual menu is taking it one step to far. I think that as a society we are very well aware of what we’re doing to our bodies when we order that loaded bake potato to go with our steak. We do not need it glaring us in the face.

For most people going out to dinner is a special occasion or a monthly treat. They want to enjoy this rare indulgence without having to feel guilty that they ate pasta is a cream sauce. We are such a food obsessed society, whether it’s dealing with the obesity issue or other eating disorders. To me it seems these issue were not as prevalent in the past or maybe it was because they were not being constantly shoved down our throats.

So ladies have the dinner with the girls, don’t worry about the fat or calorie content, remember it is a treat and that you don’t do this everyday and just enjoy. Life is short, live it well and enjoy your vices once in awhile. Everything is good in moderation.

Single Gal

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