How men think vs. women

Lately I have been watching Manswers, the man show on Spike. The premise of this show is to answer men’s burning questions while they flash hot, semi nude girls in the back ground. It is quite entertaining and it just makes me laugh. Here are some examples of the burning questions men have these days:
“How to tell if she is a Hooker or a Cop?”
“What is the quickest way to get drunk?”
“What is the biggest bush in America?”
“How do you escape a straight jacket” and
“What is the best time of day to get laid”
Yes ladies these are the questions on the minds of men. They really are very simple creatures and quite funny in my book.

Then we have Oprah the biggest show for women on the planet. The “Big O” (as we here at Single Gals like to call her) covers everything from Health, Relationship, Spirituality and World issues. Here is a list of the show titles that will be on Oprah this week:
A Special report: Tyra Banks and Dating Violence
An overwhelmed mom’s deadly mistake and
Obese families in crises – The intervention

Do you see the difference ladies? While I am also a fan of the Oprah show, there is a great lesson to be learned from the madness of Manswers…keep it simple. Wouldn’t our lives be a lot happier if we just sat around and wondered “How we could wear the same bra for a whole month” or “How to tell if he is packing or using a bulge enhancer?”

Think about this next time you ask a guy what’s on his mind and he tells you “nothing”. There is a 99% chance that is the actual truth. However, if he does give you an answer, it’s probably gonna be “are natural boobs getting bigger?”

So ladies give yourself a break once in a while and think like a man and see how much happier you’ll feel. Start by checking out Manswers response to “what does the shape of her boobs tell you about her personality?’

Single Gal

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