Going Down

Dear Single Gals,

How long should you let your guy ‘go down on you’ for? Even if he’s doing a great job – sometimes it just takes a long time to ‘get there’. Is it unfair to have him go longer than 5min? 10min? Do you offer him water?

Getting There

Dear Getting There,

You’re over thinking this and that is probably why it’s taking you a while to ‘get there’. This is where we women falter; we tend to over think everything. Do you think a guy is thinking “wow, she’s been sucking on my unit for the last 15 minutes maybe she’s tired?“ HELL NO. He will enjoy it for as long as you’re willing to do it. So try to relax and enjoy. Don’t put so much thought into how long it’s been, he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t want to be. Also having a bottle of water on your night table is not a bad idea, the least you can do is be a good hostess. If you think this could be an all night thing, you may also want to have goggles and a snorkel handy!

Single Glas

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