The Bad Boy

What’s with our attraction to bad boys? I don’t know one woman that hasn’t been attracted to one. The characteristics of a typical “Bad boy” are as follows:

1. He is very confident, even cocky

2. He puts himself and his feelings first

3. He keeps women at an emotional distance and often thinks of them as disposable

4. He is not reliable

5. You are undeniably attracted to him because he knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to women, both mentally and physically

Now seeing this list makes us here at Single Gals wonder “how does an intelligent women fall for a guy like this and why?” Let’s break it down by characteristic.

1) Confidence is very appealing in both men and women. You want to feel that your mate is strong and will be there and has your back in any situation. Nobody respects a pushover.

2) We think we can change him into wanting to put us first. We think that we have some special power to change this Bad Boy, powers in which the countless women before us did not have.

3) The emotional distance makes him seems mysterious and intriguing. We want to figure out this Bad Boy and once again help him change his ways.

4) Unreliable = unpredictable = exciting in our minds. We are always wondering what our Bad Boy is up too and hoping that whatever it is, it will involve us.

5) Well great sex makes you stupid!! I think this reason, over all others, is why we seek out the Bad Boy. Their over confidences seep into the bedroom and we lose all reason.

I do believe that every woman should have one Bad Boy experience in her life. It will make you appreciate the Good Guys even more. I also believe that every woman should have at least one encounter consisting of nothing more than mind blowing sex. It will be a great story to tell the girlies when you’re old and grey… hell, even when you’re not!

The Good Guy:

The Bad Boy:

We’re Doomed!!!

Single Gals

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