Men don’t like bones…

We received an e-mail from ‘The Man” and he wanted us to inform the ladies out there that men DO NOT like bones (unless of course they come with a pitcher of beer and have BBQ beef attached to them). ‘The Man’ went on to say how unappealing and unattractive it is to see women with ribs and hip bones sticking out and he wants to know when did women stop loving their curves? We thought this was a very good question. Why have we stopped loving our curves? Back in the day women were soft and voluptuous – think Marilynn Monroe. Marilyn is the epitome of what a woman should look. She was all women; boobs, hips, apparently a size 12 and she wore it all very well. It’s time we go back to the era when women had hips and were worshiped for them.

Say NO to this:

Say YES to this:

Let’s bring sexy back!!!!!

A big thanks to ‘The Man’, it was nice to hear that some guys still feel this way.


Single Gals


  1. I would say no to both Nicole (way too skinny) and Marilyn (too fat, sorry). But I would say a big fat YES to anyone shaped like Megan Fox. Yummy!

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