Who Should pay on the first date?

We received a question the other day asking if a guy doesn’t offer to pay on the first date, is it wrong for a girl to be turned off? I think this is an on-going debate between men and women in the dating world and warrants a blog! I have been on a few dates and have come to the conclusion that cheapness is not at all appealing and a definite turn-off. I do understand a man not wanting to fork out tons of cash on a date that they may think is going nowhere, but if they did ask the girl out, then that is the chance they are willing to take and should at least offer to pay. Men, if you are cheap and don’t want to cover the cost of a $50 dinner then ask her out for a drink instead. If you still need to split the $20 bill then you should not be dating.

In most cases, if a girl thinks the bill is excessive she will offer to contribute, I know I do. If you feel the date is not really going anywhere and don’t want to pay just offer to pay, hopefully she’ll say no “let’s split it”…and then you can say that you’ll definitely getting it the next time. If you do really like the girl and want to go on a second date, then pay, there is nothing more to it. Some people may think that is an old fashion way of thinking, but I think some things should stay the same. If a man asks me out, he should take care of it. I know I can pay my own way so I have nothing to prove. I also believe a man should hold the door open for me, carry the heavy stuff and put my patio furniture together. I can do all these things but it is nice once in a while to have someone else do it for you and beside who likes a door being slammed in their face?

Single Gal

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