Spank Me

Dear Single Gals,

My boyfriend and I just started having sex. Well I must say that I like it a little rougher than what he’s giving. I would love for him to start talking dirty and spank me, but the relationship just started and I don’t want him to think I’m a freak. Any advice?

Very Bad Girl

Dear Very Bad Girl,

First off, you’re not a freak, you just like it a little dirty and there’s nothing wrong with that. We think that you should break him in slowly if you feel he may get freaked out. Try giving him little love bites. If you don’t get any resistance to that, then you should talk dirty to him; you can do this while in the act or even throughout the day through e-mail, voice message or text to get him thinking about you in that way. This should prompt his inner beast and get him to voice his dirty thoughts. Once you are both talking dirty to each other, you can take it to the next level and say “I’ve been bad today and need to be spanked” then bend over. If he doesn’t get the hint then he’s just not that bad boy in bed that you want.

Good Luck! We hope you found yourself a fellow freak.

Single Gals

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