Did you seriously just say that?

Here are a few of the odd things guys have said to me, over the years.

“Hey it our Monthiversery” – Written via e-mail 1 month after our first and only date

“I could not stop starring at you, I was attracted in the most primal of ways” – Told to me after I said I was not interested.. ewe

“You know I still love you even though you need to lose 20 pounds, that’s how much I love you” Yes I was hideous at 5’9’ 138 pounds

“I’m not interested in a relationship at this time” Sent via text message after 2 months of dating. No worries ladies I responded “Very manly of you to text that!” he stills calls me to this day

“Mmmmmmmm I could eat you” Said the Vegetarian after our date – Ewe

This Guy gets the Single Gals best line of the year award….

“Are you looking for long term or short term?”- This was said to my friend who replied “I’m married with a kid” in which he reply’s “Short term than?”

Now I know we are all guilty of not thinking before we speak and lords know I have said a few dumb things in my life time. Here are a couple Single Gal not so smooth moments.

“Hey someone left their purse behind” Said to a date, as it turns out it was his man purse. Hey in my world men don’t carry purses.

“That’s a good place to meet men” Said to my boss, about her volunteering at a men’s shelter

Single Gal

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