What’s your love substitute?

What’s a love substitute? You ask. It’s not your favorite battery operated toy or a one night stand or your pet dog. It’s the comfort food you crave when you’re lonely, depressed and even when you’re happy. For a Single Gal it is your substitute for a loving relationship.

Apparently my love substitute is French fries. I do love them especially smothered in cheese and gravy..mmmmmmm Good!!! According to my Psychology of Disease teacher I am single because I have closed myself off from a human relationship. In my mind I am already in a committed relationship with French fries. Well before you say “WTF??” think about it ladies it is a great relationship. I can have them when I want, throw them out when I’ve had enough and I have wide variety to choose from (curly, wedged, crinkle).

Now you are probably wondering “how does a girl ever get over such a relationship?”, well I just have to tell myself that I no longer need French fries for love, they no longer have a hold on me, so basically I dumped the fries.

Sorry Mister freshly cut potato with your suit of gravy and cheese, you are out of here!!! We had a great time together and you will no longer be able to go straight to my thighs because that is the job of a real man! As per my teacher, a new love is coming along, no it’s not chocolate chip cookies it’s a MAN!!! I wonder if he will ask “Would you like fries with that?” or better yet he won’t need to ask he will come with a plate of fries!!


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