Are we a monogamous?

Dear Single gals,

Do you really think that mankind is a monogamous species?


Dear Questionable,

I would have to say No to this question. Very few animals are monogamous and we are not the exception. We are a species that adapts to our environment and a monogamous environment is what has been created for us and has been engraved in our subconscious for thousands of years. Can you imaging if we had evolved without the concept of monogamy? If there had never been such a thing as marriage or “life” partners? Families would still exist as we do crave human contact that isn’t always sexual, but it would be more like a pack type mentality. We would probably live in social groups where we would be promiscuous with many different people…something like the Chimpanzee. In most species, males are programmed to spread their seed and females are programmed to get the best seed and to that I say…there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best!.

Single Chick

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