Meet the Faulkers

Unlike the Single Gals I am a Gal in a relationship. My relationship is fairly new (just over 8 months) and I have to tell you not being a “relationship person” there are things I have needed to adjust to. Don’t get me wrong I have a great boyfriend (let’s call him ‘My Stud’) and I’m extremely happy to be in what I believe is a healthy relationship but I sometimes wonder how girls and guys co-exist. I say this because guys and girls think very differently. For example a couple of weeks ago “My Stud” asks me if I want to spend the weekend at his parent’s cottage. This wouldn’t be an issue but I have never met his parents and normally when meeting someone’s parents you have a meal and are able to leave when the night is through, a weekend is a whole different affair.

Weird things were going through my head stuff like; What has “My Stud” told them about me? Do they know I’m not white (I’m South African Indian heritage, “My Stud” is pure anglo Cdn)? What do I wear to make a good impression and let them know that I’m not some floozy? What if we don’t get along, what do I do then? Will we be sleeping in the same room and how do I make this not an uncomfortable situation? What if they start discussing politics or religion do I voice my true feelings or keep my mouth shut? What if his mother thinks I’m not good enough for her one and only son?

Now I’ve met many a parent and haven’t had any issues with them but I haven’t met someone’s parents in a while (we’re talking years) and was concerned (and rightfully so). When I expressed my concerns to “My Stud”, he was so nonchalant about things and just said to me that I’d be meeting them anyway so what’s the big deal (referring to my concern over it being a weekend and not just an evening). See we are from different planets, to him it was status quo to me it was a whole analytical process of every action, word and move I would make on that weekend with the parents. So needless to say the weekend went off without a hitch and my analyzing things didn’t impact on things in the least. So my advice to you single gals is go with it, don’t worry about meeting the parents, just remember to be yourself and enjoy the dinner, weekend or night with his folks. If you’re the fantastic person I know you are they will love you and if not then do what you have to do to get through things unscathed (tequila shots perhaps?).

Hook-Up Gal

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