There is Life after French Fries….

Just thought I’d let everyone know what’s be going on since I dumped the sinfully delicious French Fry. First off, it was by no means an easy task. I turned away from my McCain’s crinkle cut fries as I dumped them in the trash, as I could not let them see me cry. Than I sat and reminisced about all our times together, like the first time I had poutine and knew it was love at first bite. Then when I wanted to have a little Texas style fun I would get Chili Fries and bring out my inner Cowgirl. Giddy Up!! So many fond memories with so many years together.

At first I felt a little naked out there without my French Fry crutch what was I to do if I felt sad or had a bad day, there were no fries at home to run to. Do I look different now? Am I acting different? I am not really sure but things have definitely changed. My first sign of things a’ changin was when “The Cave Man” smiled at me after one year of seeing each other on our travels to work. After that, I ran into a coffee shop regular, who gave me the once over for the first time. Lastly the cutie in my building said “Hi. Is there a sign on my forehead now that says “I’m available”? Was I really giving off the “I’m taken” vibes before? Or do guys really prefer brunettes? I’ve been a blonde forever and recently thanks to Ms. Hair 2009 (my hairdresser fondly known as Gaboo), I have become one very “Hot” brunette according to “Crazy Eyes”, my neighborhood homeless guy and my #1 fan. Or is it the combination of the new hair confidence and the 5 pound French Fry weight loss? I guess one will never really know. Hopefully this new trend is a regular thing, and once in a while I can have a casual fling with my beloved French Fry.

Single Gal

If you like to contact Gaboo about a hair appointment her e-mail address is. You’ll get salon quality without the salon prices!

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