Why do smart women do stupid things?

There are first times in all relationships and the one I’m going to write about isn’t a pleasant one. Now being in my mid-30’s you would think it would be a thing of the past, well I’m sorry to say it’s not. What am I talking about? It’s the dreaded thing I call thinking you are a rock star and indestructible only to find out you’re just delusional (aka puking your brains out after a night out).
I hate puking; I think I would rather have sticks jabbed into my eye than to puke. This is a bit dramatic but you get my point. When you’re single and you puke you feel like shit but at least you don’t have an audience watching you (some people may like this but me not so much). When you’re a couple your boyfriend being the gentleman he should be, is helping to hold your hair back, getting you water, getting you aspirin, putting you to bed etc….This is really great and truly appreciated, but having a guy especially early on in a relationship seeing you at what is most likely your worst is awkward to say the least.
I remember the first time “my stud” saw me puke (yes I have puked more than once, seriously I have stomach issues and no I’m not bulimic, see start of 2nd paragraph). We were out with his friends at a show and I was drinking but didn’t actually think I was drinking that much. Well that changed quickly because the next thing I knew I was like – “stud” take me home, like take me home now.” After that point I blacked out but the parts I do remember included “my stud” carrying me so that I wouldn’t fall, stopping to let me puke some more, and telling passerby’s that I would be okay. I don’t remember a lot but what I do remember thinking is that I have a great boyfriend and that death has to be easier than this.
After recovering the next day I had a conversation with “my stud” about the happenings from the night before and I have to tell you that even after seeing me at my worst (or what I hope is my worst) he still had the look that I was special. So you’re wondering what my point is aside from not partying like a rock star, which you are not. Well it’s to remember that even at your worst the person you are with should still look at you like you’re the best thing since sliced bread, because single gals you are.

Hook-up Gal

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