Daisy of Love

I have recently become obsessed with Daisy of Love. It is so messed up and surreal. Daisy is a former Rock of Love contender and was a finalist vying for Brett Michaels love. Alas, Brett chose Amber and left Daisy broken hearted. Daisy is now over Brett and lookin for love. At first I thought she was too dumb to function, but her overly bleached blonde hair, restylane injected lips and silicone boobs kind of grow on you. She is cute in a pug sort of way.

Oddly enough the dudes that are fighting for Daisy’s love are strangely appealing. It is a mixed bag of nuts. You have these big muscle bound beasts that could lift you up and have you against the wall before you knew what hit you (HOT!). There’s also the tormented musician, he is broke, living on someone’s sofa and struggling to get by. Then you have the overly tattooed, pierced, dysfunctional dudes and yet they are all very sexy.

There I was thinking that Daisy had issues, yet I am the one who is watching and trying to decide who I would pick. Would it be Flex, with his bulging biceps and killer abs? Would it be Cage, the tattooed fighter with the abusive father and alcoholic mother? Or would it be London, the homeless musician without a guitar? What is so appealing about guys who don’t have their shit together, that are angry and sensitive all at the same time? Is it because we think we can save them that we are attracted to them? If we did save them would we still want them? Or at the end of the day maybe we women are not that different from men. Breasts make some men stupid and if you show us a bulging pair of biceps, then all sense and reason goes out the window.

Single Gal

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