The Big Boy??????

“Are you man enough?” this is the slogan for The Big Boy bulge enhancer. I’m thinking they should change it to “So you’re not man enough?” Yes ladies there is such a thing as the bulge enhancer. They advertise this as the man’s answer to the padded bra. Now boys, yes some of us gals wear padded bras, but it is usually the last thing to come off. Once it does we shove “The Girls” in your face. This confuses you and you forget that we started off as a C cup rather than a B. If you ever do use ‘The Big Boy’, remember that once the pants come off your secret is revealed. You do not have the same luxury of just shoving it in our faces because we are not that easily confused. Also, walking around with a perma bulge is not that attractive to us gals…it is so ‘82. Chances are we will just write you off as a perv. So if you are thinking of purchasing ‘The Big Boy’ save your money and use a pair of socks.

Single Gal

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