To Move or Not to Move?

I am new to the whole serious relationship concept and I understand fully that as you get older things generally move faster. Now I’m not talking sex, bondage or other fantasies you may or may not have so get your mind out of the gutter. What I am referring to is the general idea that if you both have your own places chances are that as your relationship progresses you will cohabitate whether you’ve formally talked about things or not.
Now “my stud” is a relationship person I’m a bit of a commitment phobe (I believe this has more to do with past relationships being somewhat shady to my actually not being able to commit). Anyway we have yet to formally discuss living arrangements but over time I have noticed that space was made for me in the closet, the bathroom etc…As well 4 or so months back there was a formal dinner with “my stud” handing over a copy of his keys to me. This was a very sweet gesture and although it seemed natural given I was over there all the time, it came as a bit of a shock to me (the keys not the sweet gesture).
Months have passed since I was given a copy of his keys and I am not in denial that we are pretty much living together but the fact of the matter is that we are not. My stud has his place (yes I still do refer to it as his place, I’m not paying rent so it isn’t ours) and I still have my place. A lot of people (friends, family etc…) are telling me to get over my issues and move in already. They come up with comments such as “You can save on rent.”, “What are you afraid of, you guys are together all the time anyways” etc… My feeling is that it is too soon, we are still new to this relationship and yes things are great but what if they change? I know that eventually a formal step will need to be made but I want to make that decision myself and when I feel right about it. I know I care for “my stud” and I know it makes sense but I also know that I need to do things at my own pace (obviously with the understanding and support of “my stud”). So whether it’s moving in together, sleeping together etc…do so at your own pace because only you truly know what is best for you (and don’t you forget that).

Hook-up Gal

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