Your Boyfriends Bromance….

I have a theory that maybe there are more single gals out there because the men that are supposed to be with them are in a Bromance instead. I know you’re saying to yourself but Hook-up Gal you’re in a relationship and that is true but I have to tell you that my boyfriend is cheating on me and no it’s not with another women it’s with an overly emotional male friend. I’m not even sure if my predicament is common place but it is a situation I have had to deal with and I have to tell you it took some adjusting to.

When you start dating someone some insecurities you have may come up and mostly they involve other single gals, but from my experience I wouldn’t worry about the single gals as much as I would worry about your boyfriend’s buddy. This is an odd scenario and one I haven’t ever experienced so to me it was all new, I had always been friendly with my boyfriend’s friends and didn’t think I would have any issues with “My Stud’s” friends but was I wrong…because along came “Girly Man”…

“Girly Man” is a guy who has so many insecurities that having his friend in a healthy, happy relationship is threatening to him and what better way to remove the threat than to be as obnoxious and rude as possible. In my case ‘Girly Man” used my insecurities to his full advantage. Now I’m a strong girl but there are things I don’t need or want to know about my boyfriend’s past, this may just be me but unless it has any bearing on my present relationship why bother. Well I guess “Girly Man” felt differently because when I started dating “My Stud” he was all the more happy to tell me the not so great stories about “My Stud’s” past.

I remember one night in particular where I was at my wits end and was ready to explode and when “Girly Man” and his g/f left I just freaked on
“My Stud”. Now I’m not saying I’m proud of how I reacted but my reaction was because I didn’t understand how ‘My Stud” could be so okay with what “Girly Man” was saying and especially to me. What I realized after I had calmed down is that ‘My Stud” has known this guy since his teens. “Girly Man” and “My Stub” have been through a lot together and they have a bromance that to ‘My Stud” what ‘Girly Man” said just rolled off of him like it was nothing. To me it was the opposite, I wanted “My Stud” to defend himself, defend me, make me feel secure, but really that isn’t “My Stud’s” problem it was mine. What I needed to understand is that the only reason “Girly Man” was getting to me was because I was letting him get to me. “Girly Man” was telling stories for shock value and to get a rise out of me. What I needed to do was take control of the situation and not let him get the best of me. So I did just that and things have changed for the better.

So single gals if you have any issues with your boyfriend’s friends try to work through them and try to get to the real reason as to why you’re having problems with them. Once you do you’ll be happier for it….and if you aren’t work on mastering the evil eye because that works too 😉


Hook-Up Gal

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