I have some sad news hook-up gal has become a single gal once again. I have to say I was and wasn’t expecting this day to come. I know this sounds pretty bad but when you’re in a relationship there are things you can compromise on and should but there are other things that are deal breakers. As us single gals know when you go into a relationship you go in hoping for the best and unfortunately presented with circumstances that you can just not get past you end up being single once again.
I don’t particularly want to go into the details on why we broke up but I will share that circumstances involved Bromance boy & friends, my dud and illegal substances. I know that nobody is perfect and mistakes are made but when you’ve expressed concerns over behaviours that your partner has only for them to ignore you it shows a great deal of disrespect and inconsideration and these are two things I cannot and will not tolerate.
I did learn a great deal from this relationship and I’m glad for that but I also know that I didn’t wait 36 years of my life to settle for something I don’t want. I have gone through a lot of emotions over the past couple of days; sad, angry, confused, scared etc…but not once have I ever questioned my decision to leave. I know that ‘my dud’ and I are not at the same place and no matter what I did unless he wanted to be there, which he said he did, his actions spoke differently.
So single gals I sign off from my duties here and if the end of a relationship shows you anything it is that your family and friends will always be there for you with kind words, hugs, their ear and bottle of wine (or two) which helps in making the pain go away.

A newly single gal

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