My Journey

On the weekend of Oct 16 – 18 2009 I had the pleasure of attending PHAT (Power, Hard work, Attitude and Triumph) Camp hosted by Jen Hendershott – Ms. Fitness International 2009. I have attended PHAT Camp for 3 years now. It always amazes me that every year the experience is so different and I learn a little more about myself and the great things I can accomplish. This year was extra special for me because I got to introduce my new love to my fellow campers and that love is Cookin Greens. I think Cookin Greens is the best thing since sliced bread and so do my fellow PHAT Campers here are some their comments:

Rose said “This is frozen kale? I made fresh kale last night and this tastes exactly the same!”

Janice said “I went home and ate a whole bag of kale it was so good”.

Here is Jen Hendershott enjoying her Greens and Jen say “MMMMMMMMM Good”.

The Phat Camp Ladies love Cookin Greens:

To all the girls out there who think they CAN’T do something, take that word out of you vocabulary NOW. Three years ago I was sitting in a parking lot, full of anxiety about attending my first Phat Camp. I felt I didn’t belong, wouldn’t make friends and that everyone would question why I was there. I sat in my car for over 30 minutes berating myself. I finally got the courage to get out of my car. Thankfully I did as that was my first step on my new journey to better health, better beliefs and finding my passion. Here I am now, 3 years later, pursuing an education in Holistic Nutrition, promoting a product that I believe in and speaking in public (and being told I’m a natural at it!). I couldn’t see this point in my life back then, but I now believe that if you follow your heart it will always lead you to great things and real happiness.

So girls get rid of those fears, test the waters and follow your heart. We all deserve to find and live our passion.

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