Dating advice from my dad…

I have always said there is no other man quite like my dad. He is the last of a dying breed. This past Sunday I was having dinner with my family when my Dad decided to give me dating advice, on how to find a man like him. He was telling me that we Single Gals are doing it all wrong. Forget about meeting a good man at the bar, the gym or the grocery store! According to my dad we should be hanging out a Home Depot and Rona.

Okay now ladies before you run off to scour the isles of Home Depot, there is more to it than that. You must hang out in the lumber section (my dad’s favorite section) here you will find the contract workers. However you must become lumber savvy because according to my dad we do not want the guy picking up the pine that is on sale, we want the man in the cedar section. First, because he knows what he is doing and second, because that means he is a high quality contractor and he probably has a lot of work.

Now as we were discussing how to tell what wood is best and if the guy knows what he is doing, I forgot to ask how we are suppose to get the attention of this “High Quality Contractor”. I’m not sure getting all dolled up and hanging around piles of wood will really serve our cause but hell, we could do worse so why stop there?! See you all in the Lumber section!!!!

Single Gal

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