Men my brother thinks I should date…

As you may have noticed my Single status is a common topic at the family gatherings. My bother tells me he thinks about who would be a good match for me and has narrowed it down to three men:

1) George Stroumboulopoulos of ‘The Hour” He thinks George is smart, funny and would be great to talk to a family dinners.

2) Mike Rowe of ‘Dirty Jobs’ on the discovery channel, once again my brother thinks he is smart and funny and is a very cool dude because he is willing to do any job no matter how dirty.

3) Keifer Sutherland I think we all know who that is, my brother is convinced that he is my soul mate. How he came to this deduction was from watching a documentary called “I Trust you to Kill me” and Keifer is very much himself, he gets drunk tackles a tree and loses his phone. Hmmm not sure how I feel about him thinking that’s my soul mate, but I admit I like Keifer all the more because of those things.

So there you have it the perfect men for me! However when I mention the top 3 men I think I should date, Leo DeCaprio, Johnny Depp and Jon Bon Jovi he tells me don’t be ridiculous, keep it real!!! UH!?

Single Gal

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