The Home Depot Experience

This past weekend my folks came into Toronto. They call me up and ask me to meet them for lunch, so I ask where and my Dad say “at Home Depot of course!” Off I go to meet my parents at Home Depot for my first lesson on ‘How to find a good man in the lumber section”.

After greeting my folks we head into the store, first we walk around the whole place under the guise that my dad is looking for something to buy with his $50 gift certificate. While perusing the endless isles of home improvement supplies my dad spots and man carrying a white bucket, than tells me to chase him because he has a bucket of drywall glue so he is probably a Dry Waller. That was lesson number one; check out what supplies they are buying to determine what trade they may be in. Next my mom pipes in “you have to see who he is with, if he has kids a wife is probably close by, look for the ones that are alone”. As she is saying this see spots a cutie getting help from a sales rep and yells “Look at him now he’s cute!” YES this is what my single life has come to cruising the isle of Home Depot with my folks lookin for love. Next we head off to the lumber section but alas it was empty, than my Dad realized this is the wrong season for Carpenters it’s to cold and told me to check back in the spring.

According to my Dad if you spot a potential dating candidate, you must ask his advice and if he is willing to help you out than you know he is a nice guy. If he gets irritated or ignores you, than you know to not waste your time. Makes sense doesn’t it? So now we narrowed it down to he’s a nice guy, but what do we do next Dad?

Single Gal

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