Looking for love in all the wrong places…

Recently I have been hit with this crazy feeling of loneliness. I blame my parents for this, I am lucky to have two of the cutest parents anyone can ask for and as a family unit we are all very close. Well my folks have decided to move to the east coast leaving me with this overwhelming feeling of loneliness. My brothers and friends are still here and I not even sure why my parents leaving has hit me so hard, I can still talk to them and they will be visiting us again in 3 months. This strange reaction to their leaving has prompted me to fast track my dating life, how does one do that?

According to my friends we have no choice but to try the online thing. I may have said this before but I am really against this whole internet dating age. I find it impersonal and I just feel like a product on the shelf hoping someone will pick me. Also, online dating makes you sit there looking to see if anyone is going to view your profile and if they will make any sort of contact and if they don’t you’re left thinking ‘Hey what’s wrong with me?!” So with all this going against me, I decided in my moment of loneliness to set up a Lava Life account. Well for those of you that have never tried the online thing, setting up the account was rather painless. You just have to fill out some info about yourself, upload a picture if you want and then you are all set to cyber shop for men, sounds good doesn’t it!

What they do not tell you on Lava Life is that when you set up a profile, this profile shows up in ‘ALL” profile areas. All profile areas means it is in dating, relationship and INTIMATE!!! Whoa what that hell is Intimate? Unbeknownst to me my profile was in all 3 areas. I am fine with dating and relationship but draw the line at intimate. After I set my account up I got 5 instant messages from interested lava life profiles. I thought wow my pic must look really good, and it got me feeling a little big headed. I decide since I am going to do this online thing I may as well look at the profiles of the men contacting me. The first one’s interests I took a look at included bondage, French kissing and anything goes (WHAT?!) well he was obviously not for me. So on to the next one. His interests include rough sex and role playing (WHAT?!). I am now totally mortified and wondering what is it about my profile that is attracting these men? Do I look like I want to have rough sex while dressed up as Snow White!? After going through 3 other similar profiles I finally saw that they were coming from the intimate section and realized my profile was in there. It took me about an hour to figure this all out and I have now deleted myself from Lava Life!!

Single Gal

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