The Experiments….

Recently, Single Chick and I visited Seattle. To sum it up our trip was amazing! Seattle is beautiful, friendly and the men talk to you! In the 5 days that we were there we talked to so many men that by the end of the trip we were all talked out.

On this trip we learned:
1) Our Single status would change within a month if we lived in the US
2) We need to sit at the bar

We chatted with JJ the bartender at the Whiskey Bar, and he told us that since we are sitting at the bar it means we are open to conversation. If we had sat in a booth we would be sending out that message that we do not want to be bothered. Hmmm such simple logic, I have no idea why we never thought of this. We have always sat away from the bar, though we are putting ourselves out there we have been sending out the wrong message.

Or were the guys in Seattle talking to us because we were from another city? If we pretended to be tourist in our city would the same thing happen? Or is there something to JJ’s bar theory?

We have decided that in the next month we will:

1) Hit the pub scene after work one Friday and sit at the bar, will someone chat with us?
2) Go to the bar and pretend we are tourist?

I hate to be pessimistic because it is not usually my way but I think as tourist we will be a big hit.

What do you think?

Single Gal

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