Hangover-free Booze…

Ladies it looks like there may be some salvation for those of us that make-out with random dudes when drunk, send drunken text messages or have blackouts and wake with a drunk, tattooed Rock Star wanna be in our beds.

(hmm this is bad why?)

There has been a study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research the results of this study showed that dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcoholic drinks can accelerate the metabolism and elimination of alcohol. What this means Ladies is that we can drink like a man!!! One reason men have a higher alcohol tolerance than women is because they metabolize alcohol faster, it is leaving their system faster, having less time to stay in the body mean it takes longer to get to the drunk texting stage.

They say that the casino’s in Vegas pump oxygen into the air, so we can stay up longer to gamble and drink. If you’ve been to Vegas you know this is true, one New Year’s Eve in Vegas I was awake for 30 hours and had been drinking for about 15 of those hours. Never did I feel out of control, and I remember everything. I did however make-out with one Smokin Hot kick boxer, but alcohol had nothing to do with that, as they say “When in Vegas”…

I don’t know whether we will be seeing Oxygenated drinks anytime soon, so if you want the hangover-free experience I recommend taking a trip to Vegas and if you’re lucky you too will get to make-out with a Smokin Hot Kick Boxer!!

Single Gal

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