A modern day Cinderella Story…

This past weekend I had to attend an ‘Army Ball’. I was a blind date for my friend’s boyfriend’s friend who did not want to attend this event alone. I can’t say I blame him since it did consist of all couples. I am not a “Ball” kind of gal I didn’t even own a dress so I had to buy one. I also got my hair done and I think I made quite a stunning companion, and I will admit it was nice to be girlie. Now since I am neither a ‘Girlie Girl’ nor do I like to dress up, you may be wondering why did she agree to go?

I agreed for a couple of reasons,

1) To get out of my comfort zone and expose myself to new things.
2) Hoping there would be some hot Army Dudes (seriously did you expect anything else)

My date was very nice and a perfect gentleman, there was no interest there so it made for a fun, relaxed evening. I will say this ‘The Ball’ was a mixed bag of nuts. Some really eccentric people were present, wearing everything from puffy shirts to over the top ball gowns. Then there was ‘Hef’ a handsome older gentleman with his paisley satin smoking jacket, and his HOT younger wife. Because it was an Army Ball I was expecting a sea of green instead; it was a sea of red jackets, kilts and plaid pants. Imagine, the fancy ball gowns, the kilts and ‘Hef’ thrown in the mix, hence why I say it was a mixed bag of nuts.

My illusion that ‘The Ball’ would be a sea of hot, buffed, single Army dudes was quickly shattered, ok I did not expect that but a girl can dream. However, to my surprise the table beside us had only men. One of these men happened to be quite handsome and without a wedding ring, dare a girl think her dreams can come true? He smiled at me, and stole some quick glances every now and again. Then I realized I am someone’s date how will ‘Prince Charming’ know that I am available. On the way to the bathroom I run into ‘Prince Charming’ he says “Hi” as he was heading outside. I noticed his friend say something to him, they look my way and ‘Prince Charming’ looks back but his smile has faded. He does return to the Ball but is now ignoring me; I am convinced he thinks I am taken. Men obviously have no clue about reading body language or he would have seen that there was nothing romantic going on between me and my date.

It is now after midnight and we are leaving ‘The Ball’, I take one last look at ‘Prince Charming’ feeling a little sad that again I may have missed an opportunity. I am tired of always wondering ‘What If’ so I tell my friend to hell with it I am going to give him my number. I wrote my number on a piece of paper, took a deep breath and walked up to ‘Prince Charming’ I told him I was not taken, in which he said that he thought that I was that is why he backed off. He seemed very happy to take my number, and told me he thought there was a connection. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, then like Cinderella I ran off into the night.

Will ‘Prince Charming’ call? I believe he will, do you?

Hopeful in TO

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