Girl You Rock!….NOT!

I am a Rocker at heart; I love everything about the scene. The hair, ripped jeans, tattooed rocker boys, the partying. Unfortunately the morning after sucks, how do Rock Stars do it? Do they just keep the party going hence the term ‘Party like a Rock Star’? My only indulgence was beer, but today I feel like I downed a bottle of tequila. My head hurts, I can’t focus, I’m craving poutine at 10 in the morning and I smell like last nights booze. Gee and I wonder why I am Single!

It always amazes me that you can go from feeling like a total Rock Goddess to pathetic Rock Star wanna be in a matter of hours. In the sober light of day it doesn’t seem like it was such a good idea to have a beer chugging contest with a 22 year old in mullet wig. (Queen B will blog about the finer details of our evening) I guess it could have been worse I usually end up having head banging contests with 22 year olds in which I have necks pains for a week. Also I did not end up with a drunk tattooed Rock Star wanna be in my bed ……..this time.

Once again I am saying I have to stop the Rock Star ways, but I realize next week is St.Paddy’s day, 30 seconds to Mars is coming to town and I have a wine tasting event to attend. Okay maybe I’ll stop in April.

Hopeful in TO

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