The Crazies….

I know you don’t know too much about me but what you will realize over time is that if there is a crazy man in a place he will find me and latch on like nobody’s business. I kindly call them the crazies, aka good stories the next day. Last night was no exception, it started off innocently enough but then turned quickly into another episode of ‘The Crazies’. The funny thing about this particular story is that I wasn’t even drunk yet and I was getting offers to be paraded around the restaurant as the “hottest girl”, being spat on and pushed into the wall by the same ‘married man’ that was enamoured by my beauty. This crazy came with another married man for “Hopeful in TO” we’ll call him crazy #2. He was a winner as well considering he texted his buddy and said that his friend hit on “10’s”, while flattering as this may be I am more than a number, even if the number is a 10.

Off we went to another locale to catch the Steel Panther show. If you don’t know who they are google them, it’s worth it, especially if you have a sense of humour. In the line-up we high fived a guy so you know the show is starting off with a bang…Then in the coat check line a girl who just bought Steel Panther panties started putting them on in front of us, if this doesn’t give you a sense of the type of show we were at I don’t know what will….We then go to find a place on the floor in front of the stage and we meet a group of nicely ripped tattooed boys who claimed to be strippers, and they started doing some stripper dance moves. Fun times, fun times…

Then we headed to another section of the bar and a group of guys with eye make-up, Steel Panther shirts and fake mullets were making some eye contact so being the friendly people we are we start chatting them up. Needless to say there were kisses, application of eyeliner on the guy from Australia, me (Queen B) being lifted up (a couple of times) and having conversations with boys about trust issues. I’m not exactly sure how the conversation thing happened but apparently my 23 year old fake mullet wearing friend thinks I have trust issues. LOL, who doesn’t and why was I having this conversation at a concert?

Honestly I’m surprised I remember any of this given my trip home was a blur and I’m sure I hit some trees along the way. But today’s ultimate reminder are the bruises on my right shoulder, it seems the crazies are getting violent so I need to be more careful.

Queen B


  1. Queen B you forgot that the one ripped Tattooed stripper dude kept putting his shirt up over my head. This would have been offensive had he not been ripped.

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