TV vs. Real Life

Yesterday I was watching season two of Six Feet Under, I love the show but was getting annoyed with some of the main characters. Yes I know this show has long ended and is old news but it is new to me. I was getting irritated by Nate and Brenda, actually it was Brenda she is driving me nuts. I know she is unstable, but how long does it take for someone to get over themselves. I realize this is a TV show but I believe there is some reality there, like the crazy chick getting the great guy. I am convinced that men want to save us; we need to have family issues, insecurities and to run hot and cold. One minute Brenda wants Nate, then the next she can’t stand him, this apparently has been going on for a year and he is madly in love with this head case.

Not only is Brenda a hot mess but her brother is nuts, her parents are beyond loopy; yet Nate still hangs around. I thought it was stuff like that; that sent men running. Why is Nate still hanging around? Well I figure it comes down to this, he thinks he is going to be the man that will save Brenda, he can provide her with the love she so wants but does not think she deserves. He can be there for every breakdown, which makes her dependent on him, in turn makes him feel needed. I think this bothers me so much because I had lived with Crazy, and you can’t fix them, they have to want to fix themselves.

We all want to feel needed and loved but do we have to be broken to get it? Is our desire to save the one we think we can’t live without a true desire to help or is this a need human beings have to feed their egos? I have no desire to save anyone, I will give a helping hand if you asked me for help, but I will not go out of my way to fix someone’s issues. Living with Crazy has taught me that only we can fix ourselves; we are responsible for our happiness and if you haven’t showered in a week seek help!!!

Is there hope for those of us that have it together? Yes I believe so; they say we attract what we put out into the universe. I believe this; I know that I had attracted Crazy because I was not ready to make the changes within myself yet, so I attracted someone that had worse issues so I can fix him. So if you want to be saved you will attracted the person who wants to save you, the secret is to know what you want. Once you know, live the life that will attract the things you want and the person who fits your beliefs will come along.

I believe I will marry Leo Dicaprio, I believe I will marry Leo Dicaprio, I believe I will marry Leo Dicaprio, I believe I will marry Leo Dicaprio!

Hopeful in TO

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