Life After The Ball…

A week has lapsed since ‘The Ball’ and ‘Prince Charming’ has not called. I honestly thought he was going to, I just felt it in my gut. However I always wonder how you tell a gut instinct from wishful thinking. Did my wanting for him to call create that gut feeling?

At ‘The Ball’ I was all girl, from my sparkly necklace to the diamonds in my shoes. I was not the beer chugging ‘Rock Goddess’ from the Steal Panther concert. So why wouldn’t ‘Prince Charming’ call? I am realist, and I usually do not make up excuses for why something didn’t happen but to ease my disappointment I came up with the following reasons why:

1) He is a Secret Service agent and he got called away on a secret mission to protect the president.

2) He got abducted by Aliens and they deleted his long term memory

3) He got intimidated by my hotness (hmm this is my favorite theory) Yup this is why, I feel it in my gut!

So what does ‘Modern Day Cinderella’ do now? She puts the dress in the cleaners, stores the shoes on the top of her closet so they can collect dust and does killer kick boxing session with her personal trainer. This is Real Life after all.

Hopeful in TO

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