What’s in Your Closet

This weekend I  purged. No, this does not mean that I drank too much and spent the weekend hanging over the toilet bowl. I went through my closet and got rid of all the stuff I have not worn in the past year and donated it to goodwill. It always amazes me at some of the stupid purchases I have made. It’s like, do you know yourself or not! I found this lovely orange handkerchief shirt..yes I own a piece that isn’t black, which I have since been informed that black is not a colour? UH?! What was I thinking? Did I relapse back to the age of 18? OH right, it was to go with my orange shoes!! Damn I need to get that shirt back what will I wear with those shoes???
Then there is the naughty nurse’s outfit that I bought one Halloween. It is still in my closet in the hopes that one day I get to play naughty nurse to a feisty doctor. When he says open up and say ‘AH’ I just need to bend over and he will be able to see my tonsils just fine. Hmm I think I just went from Naughty Nurse to Nasty Nurse….. Probably time to get rid of the outfit.
Finally we have the Little Black Dress ala Rock Goddess style; it laces up the front and just barely covers the crack of my ass. Was I drunk when I bought this?  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t …I think I learned my lesson the last time I went shopping drunk and came home with a pair of stripper shoes.
Or have I finally embraced my entry into cougardom? Maybe I should look for those stripper shoes to wear with my Rock Goddess dress and go cub hunting! Meow!!!
Have you looked in your closet lately? Have a look and tell us what you find.
Hopeful in TO

Ps. Queen B maybe you should write up those spring fashion tips since I am in obvious need of them.

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