Am I a Crazy Dog Lady?

Recently I have taken to spending my down time surfing the net for puppies. I would like to get another dog when I am done school and have more time to take care of him/her. I spend hours looking for Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers and Bull Dog breeders.

As you can see I love the stocky, droopy faced big headed dogs. In a perfect world I would own all 4 of these breeds, but in reality if I did I would be known as the ‘crazy dog lady’. Now girls we want to avoid being labeled ‘crazy’ at all costs. So if you are single please do not own more than two pets at a time, any more that than that you will be labeled the crazy cat/dog/animal lady. Now I have been surfing for months, looking at puppies, sending pictures of cute puppies to ‘Single Chick’  and obsessing on them. She finally had to intervene and tell me that maybe I should be spending my time surfing the net for men. I’ve tried that, and eHarmony was a bust!!! However this did get me to thinking am I subconsciously lonely and seeking a companion? Is my surfing the net for a new puppy a way to distract me from my currently Single Status? Or am I really just a ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ waiting to break free?!
What do you think?
Hopeful in TO


  1. Hopefully it's just that you want a dog and nothing more….. will be slightly worried though if the daily yummo starts turning into dog pictures!!!!

  2. my mum always used to say single ladies with dogs! check their cupboards for honey…. but i never figured out what she meant!

  3. Hmmm I'm not sure what your mum means by that either. However I do not have honey in my cupboards is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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