I once went on a date with a vegetarian, I do not see anything wrong with being a vegetarian it is a personal choice and I respect that. I will call this particular vegetarian “The Cowboy” because when I met him he was wearing a cowboy hat. Okay in my defense I did do shooters that evening. We had decided we would go out for dinner and a movie he picks me up at my place and thankfully he was not wearing the cowboy hat. He tells me I look great, not off to a bad start he noticed the effort I made to look good. Than he proceeds to say “Hey I look great too don’t you think?”…Really?! Am I supposed to compliment you when all you did was shower for this date? That should have been my first sign that it was going to get worse from there. I had to endure a 20 minute conversation about how his other car which was a Porsche but it was in the shop so he had to take his Civic instead. Dude give a girl some credit I was not born yesterday and I could care less what kind of car you drive, if I’m not paying for bus fair it’s all good. We finally get to the restaurant and by this point I am screaming in my head. Our dinner conversation was all about my looks and how good looking we were. When he was not talking about my looks or his looks he was talking about how he got his masters in a less than the required 2 years and how he should teach tennis on the side and make $100 an hour..and on and on and on . Never once did he ask about me I was basically just an object, a pretty ornament for him to display I guess. I felt awful, it made me feel like I could not possibly have a thought of my own or have anything interesting to say. I was totally objectified and I realize I don’t like it!! At this point I should have said take me home I am pretty much done with this date.  I stuck it out and went to the movie, the saving grace is that it was a great movie but “The Cowboy” did keep trying to paw at me and I told him to watch the movie..GROSS!!

After the date he drops me off but he wanted to come in. HELL NO! I told him that Shmoo my Boxer did not like men.(that was the biggest lie ever Shmoo was a big suck, but you had to be worthy to have the privilege of meeting him) ‘The Cowboy” comes in for a kiss, he moaned and said he could eat me “AS IF! I’m a meat product!”… That’s when I ran inside locked the door and took a long hot shower to scrub the creepiness of the whole evening off of me… So thanks to the Vegetarian Cowboy that is when I decided that real men eat meat!
Ladies tell me your thoughts; do you think Real Men Eat Meat?
Hopeful in TO

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