Just Because I’m Single…

Why do non-single people out there think because you’re single and they know a single person that the two of you should hook up. That it will be a good match because you have singledom in common. My former landlady once told me to check out her brother when he comes by to fix the plumbing at my place. She said he is also single BUT (really when is a BUT ever good) he has let himself go. He has gained about 100 pounds, okay she lost me at 100 pounds, well in truth she lost me at BUT. She than proceeded to say how ‘Hot’ he was before he let himself go and that she will bring pictures to show me how ‘Hot’ he was. I think her brother needs to get a new sales woman because her pitch is way off. She told me to nudge him if I liked him (Are we in grade school? Nudge, come on) The big day comes and she shows up at the house with her brother…hmmm I will try to be nice however it looked like he got hit with the ugly stick actually more like beaten with it. 100 pound weight gain was an understatement, try 200. His chin melted into his neck. He had facial warts now those did not appear because of weight gain; I am going to assume he always had them. How he could have been ‘Hot’ is beyond me. He started to chat with me about what a good tenant I was ..blah blah blah He was going on about how he loves animals and what a good dog Shmoo is, I think he was trying to impress me. Try again big guy! I was standing there thinking this has to be a joke, I am just single not diseased. Was there desperation written on my face? What made this woman to think that I would possibly want to date her brother? HONESTLY!!! So to all you people out there that try and fix your single friends up with someone’s else single friend, relative, whatever…. if you care about the single person in your life you will not do this to them.. Please Stop…You Know Who You Are!
Has this ever happened to you? If so tell us about it.
Hopeful in TO

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