We all need inspiration once in a while

Recently my friend Amanda has announced her desire to compete in a fitness competition. Her goal is to be on stage by October. I support my friend in her mission and believe I will be one face among many that will be cheering her on. I give her words of encouragement because I want Amanda to succeed. I believe everything that I tell her, however I do not always follow my own advice.  I advised Amanda to start a blog about her fitness journey, I told her that once she puts her goals out there the support will come in and it has.  I also told her not to worry about what others think. There will be friends and family members that think  you’re crazy and may discourage you from your mission, but once they see that you are serious they will come around. Then again maybe they won’t, but not to worry there will be plenty of people in her corner. I believe this, but I have not incorporated this into my life, well not 100% at least. I too have goals and have slowly started to share some of them but I admit I am fearful that those closest to me will not understand or support me.

I had announced to my classmates last month that one goal for this summer was to get my spinning certificate and to teach a Rock spin class at my gym. I been thinking about this awhile now, because I am so tired of hip-hop and Britney Spears and I think here must be others that feel the same way. I want to teach the Friday night class because there is no set instructor for that class and Friday night is a good night to get your Rock On!! When I made this announcement to my class I said if I can do this I can do anything and I believe this. However I am terrified, I am a quiet person, I do not yell and have been told that I am soft spoken. I have jumped leaps and bounds in getting my voice heard but to yell into a headset at 40 people will be my ultimate test. Amanda has told me that my words of “If I can do this, I can do anything” were motivating for her. Now Amanda I have to tell you that when  you said that to me, you motivated me to live by my words. So I have taken step number one and have registered for the Spin Instructor Certificate Program on July 10th (that was the first available date) , so come the end of July I will teach my first Rockin Spin class.

Now I am living by my words and announcing my goal to cyberspace. Its out there, I registered and now I have to put my money where my mouth is and follow through. Thanks Amanda for inspiring me!!

What are your goals and dreams?  I’d love to hear them. If you need words of encouragement or support, e-mail me I’d be happy to cheer you on. I love hearing of peoples success stories and I love supporting people in pursuing their dreams.

Here is Amanda’s blog and you too can cheer her on.   http://myjourneyintotheworldoffitness.blogspot.com/

Hopeful in TO


  1. Love it!!!! I look forward to being in your first class when you teach it!!! I may even break my rule of going to the back of the class and get in the front!!!So excited for you and grateful for the encouragement that you have given me!!!Funny, when I got home yesterday I was thinking that I should register for the posing class as you were going to sign up for the teaching class but thankfully I cant find my visa right now!!! I hid it too well!!!Amazing what can occur after a cup of coffee!!!!

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