The Rock Goddess vs. The Fitness Goddess

The jiggle around the middle battle continues, my goal is now set, as of July I will fit into my skinny jeans. I want to feel my most confident before I teach my first spin class. I do not want to be up on a podium worrying about my jiggly bits. This mean I need a serious plan of action, I know I can look to Amanda for support since she is training for a figure competition and wants to wear a bikini on stage so I figure it should be a cake walk to be fully clothed teaching something I love. It’s not like my goal is to wear a bikini while teaching spin class. If you have taken a spin class you can get a clear visual as to what that would look like…Not pretty! I think I will leave the bikini wearing to Amanda, you go girl!!

Now back to the plan of action, first is my diet. I am aware when I am making bad food choices and I do know what the healthier options are but my biggest obstacles are the social outings. As a single female in the city you need to go out. I cannot stay home every weekend I will never meet anyone that way. However our outings always include alcohol, mind you it is not always a Rock Goddess drunk fest. Usually it is a couple of beers which leads to Nachos or poutine consumption, sometimes both. You see I believe life is about balance, unfortunately there are times when the scaled is tipped more in the favor of the Rock Goddess not the Fitness Goddess. I am still trying to figure out how to get the two of them to get along since they are both sharing the same body.

The Rock Goddess believes life is short, have fun while you can. If that fun is going to rock shows, drinking beers and eating Nachos than let your Freak Flag Fly. But what the Rock Goddess forgets while drinking beers and eating Nachos is that she cannot fit into her favorite Bon Jovi T-shirt because it now hovers over her belly button ring. Rock On!!!

The Fitness Goddess spends all week repairing the damage of the Rock Goddess, she eats nothing but Spinach smoothies, organic chicken and veggies She works out 4 days a week, two of those days with her personal trainer. Her trainer is fantastic and would probably get better results from Fitness Goddess if he did not have to also deal with Rock Goddess.

Now how do I get these two to play nice with each other?

We all have different sides to ourselves that compete for dominance, what two sides do you currently have battling it out for supremacy?








Hopeful in TO


  1. Maybe you could aim to teach your first spin class wearing a bikini!!??!! Might help avoid some temptations!!!

  2. We all have the rock goddess in us… that's the side that makes life fun.. don't ever forget about that side of you!!

  3. Hey Gabs, The Rock Goddess will never go away, she is way to cool… 🙂

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