Friends with Benefits

I am not a prude but to clarify I am not a slut either but after reading this article some of you may think otherwise. There have been many discussions about the friends with benefits scenario and I’m here to tell you to be open minded and to know that it can and does exist with no problems. I’m not going to lie to you and make it appear to be easy peasy because you have to be ready and okay with this type of set-up and if you’re not then it’s not for you and that is fine too. For me personally I think it’s a healthy “relationship” and nothing to fear and to make it work my “friend” and I have some rules in place so that lines are not blurred.
The Rules:
1. If you’re sleeping with me it’s only me, if you’re dating/sleep with another person and go into a relationship with someone else this ends.
2. There is no mandatory staying overnight.
3. There is no date like dinner/drinks outings. Drinks or grabbing a bite at home is fine but that’s it.
4. No need to call the next day.
5. No weirdness about telling the other person if you’re wanting a break from this arrangement and just want to go back to friends (with no benefits).
I know to some of you this is completely nuts and I get that but my arrangement has worked for me in the past and now. I started having these special friends (yes I know that comes off slutty) in my early 20’s as relationships are hard and I had needs as I’m sure many of you do. My first arrangement kind of just happened, we never really discussed it but we knew what we were and what we weren’t. As I got older my ability to communicate improved and now I have a completely open (with no expectations) arrangement setup with a friend who like me doesn’t over analyze things.
I know you’re thinking why haven’t you fallen for this person or why hasn’t he fallen for you? There isn’t anything wrong with him or me for that matter but it’s just not like that. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s a very different experience with my “friend” then if I was in a relationship with someone. We are acting on impulse with not much emotion involved, in a relationship it’s emotion and action which is completely different. You are not in this “relationship” for the long haul you’re in it to satisfy a need and nothing more. If you remember that you are safe if you’re overly emotional or dramatic this will definitely not work. Only you can decide. The one thing I know is a world full of people having sex is a lot happier than a world where people aren’t.
Queen B


  1. I agree a world of people having sex would be a happier world!!

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